Shahrzad Amin

Artist member since 2018
Oakville, Ontario

Shahrzad is an Iranian-Canadian artist, born in 1985. She has more than ten years of diverse experience as a sculptor, visual artist, model designer and visual art instructor.

Shahrzad used a variety of materials such as air-dry clay, plaster, wax- clay, wood, iron sheets for modeling, silicon and fiberglass for mold making and urethane resin for casting her sculptures.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (sculpture) from Tehran University of Art, also she studied sculpture at Concordia University for a year. She has more than fifteen group exhibitions, one solo sculpture exhibition and three public sculptures in her professional background. She recently received Above Grand Award at 145 Ontario Society of Artists Annual Open Juried Exhibition in Toronto and Honorable Mention Award at 8th Annual Juried Show FigureWorks 2017 in Ottawa. Also, her work has been selected as one of the 2018 juror's picks at 57th edition of Canada's largest and longest-running juried outdoor art fair in Toronto.

Shahrzad recent collection titled "Witnesses" is inspired by statues known collectively as the "Tell Asmar Hoard" that are famous for having wide eyes and a sense of humble attentiveness.

The pristine simple design of her sculptures offers a vast space in which to expand our minds. We can see a deep innocence, and a compassionate gaze in their eyes that never forces us to venture too deeply into them, but rather leaves it entirely up to us as to how deeply we'd like to get lost in that innocent compassionate gaze. Furthermore, by sculpting Witnesses, she places herself in other people's eyes, feels their pain, sorrow, hope, joy, loss, and vulnerability; challenging her own belief system.

With the collection, she invites viewers to try to experience the Witnesses' sentiments. She wants to challenge people to find answers to the Witnesses Enigmas, why are they so astonished? What are they gazing at? What are they witnessing? For Shahrzad, Considering fundamental social issues such as democracy, human rights, equality, capitalism, migration and the plurality of the society we live in, are central to her work. She creates socially engaging art pieces that invoke thoughts and encourage conversations about social issues that surround us. Creating original pieces that truly move people to feel intense emotions.


Inside the Studio


Why is art important to you?

I believe art can present culture, history, and each generation's point of view in different parts of the world. Art can cause a revolution and can show us whatever we cannot see with our eyes. Being an artist and art always help me to find out something about myself. For these reasons, art is important to me.

What artists do you admire right now?

Kathe Kollwitz is one of the artists that I admire a lot. Her masterpieces have influenced me since I was a student at University. Furthermore, I always admire the art of Mesopotamia and I can not resist its influence on myself and my work.

How long have you been creating art?

Since I was a 13-year-old teenager.

Why is it important for people to have art in their home or life?

I think everybody deserves to have at least one real piece of art in their place. The way each of us decorates our home represents our lifestyle and how we think and what we believe in our life. Moreover, a real piece of art is unique, valuable, and it is a good investment. Buying real pieces of art can support the artists and creativity, and it would be a real help to preserve our contemporary art and culture.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Toronto Outdoor Art fair

Select Past Exhibitions

145 Ontario Society of Artists Annual Open Juried Exhibition


Group art work exhibition, Arta gallery


VAM’s 40th Annual Juried Show


8th Annual Juried Show FigureWorks 2017


sculpture exhibition, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre


The sculpture group exhibition, AVA gallery, Concordia University


The sculpture group exhibition, Grover building gallery, Montreal


The sculpture group exhibition, mapping cultural belonging


The Exhibition of small sculptures, Farvahar Gallery,


The 2nd Biannual exhibition of urban sculpture, Barg Gallery


Above Grand Award


Honorable Mention Award


Faculty of Fine Arts -Tehran Art University, Iran
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture

Faculty of Fine Arts - Concordia University
Independent student, Sculpture


Syn Studio Art School, Montreal
Concept Sculpting In ZBrush

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